Prime Liquidity

Prime Liquidity

FXLinked delivers distinctive quality of liquidity/exchange execution, comprehensive pre and post-trade transparency , competitive equilibrium for every market participant.  Providing proprietary trading firms, corporates, institutional managers, CTAS, prime, prime of prime and retail broker  through FXLinked open order book, direct and anonymous market access and instantaneous trading on live, streaming limit-orders, Apexum strives through an advantage of authorizing precise trade execution and transparent fee of trade.

Providing a supreme Prime of Prime service, where all trades are held in a single margin account with Tier 1 banks . FXLinked consolides all your exposure and financing cost in one place, as well as giving you unique liquidity pools connected directly with tier 1 banks.
For further information regarding institutional services at FXLinked, please contact our institutional service desk.


Standard trade latency is 4 ms
Standard MTF latency is 0.5 ms
Sustained processing capacity 40k orders/ second
Fxlinked exchange
RFQ/RFS Treasury management system (TMS)
Order management system (OMS)


Institutional FX transactional service
More than 100 FX pairs
Bullion, equity indices and commodities
Volume based commission discounts available
Access to tier 1 liquidity
Aggregated liquidity
Netlink liquidity


Operated in international standards of financial transparency.
Know your customer (KYC) processes are a central part of all client management.
Middle office and back office teams
Ability to meet cash flow obligations, Monitoring, assessing and securing: Internal reports Prudential reports Market reports.


Pre and post-trade transparency
Open order book – full market depth (via fix)
Strict price/time priority matching algorithm
Streaming FX limit-order liquidity from top tier banks and proprietary trading firms
No ‘last look’ or rejections
Complete trading anonymity
Complete range of clearing solutions